2020-2021's newest FAMILIES!


Why we want to have a family:

"We both are Ates in our own families and want to bring in the culture and support of strong bonds."

Family Hangout ideas:

  • Potlucks

  • Playing traditional Filipino games

  • Karaoke

  • Camp-out nights


Why we want to have a family:

"We want to create a home in FSA and in college for new members so that they can feel supported in their organization and school."

Family Hangout ideas:

  • Bowling

  • Skillet nights

  • Study dates

  • Outdoor picnics/Hiking


Why we want to have a family:

"Because we found meaningful connections with our adings last year and want to continue having those relationships."

Family Hangout ideas:

  • Cooking

  • Wingstop

  • Karaoke nights


Why we want to have a family:

"We want to be a part of a support

system and help new and old members alike to connect and branch out."

Family Hangout ideas:

  • Movie nigths

  • Boba dates

  • Game nights

  • Volunteering 

trish & mara

lindsey & nathan

victoria & nico

darlene and scott

Why do we have "families"?


One of the many things our club offers is what we call "families." Each family contains one ate (big sister) and one kuya (big brother), or ate and ate, or kuya and kuya. You will then be placed in one of the families, determined by a short ading questionnaire you will take, and together you make up one pamilya!

Families, or pamilies, are a great way to get to know other club members, gain friends, and learn more about what it truly means to be a family.


Family Reveal 2018

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