2020-2021's newest FAMILIES!


Mara & Trish

Jess Henriquez

Maria Ortiz

Becky Vu

Vivian Nguyen

Carissa Jo

Sydney Livingston

Catria Agulto

Claire Nguyen

Lucas Guajardo

Christiane Joy Duque

McEdell De Vera

Lauryn Her

Genevieve Skolnick

Julia Medina

Erica Cariaga

Jose Gomez

Gracie Ferrier

Eric Nakazono

Haris Te

Emily Kent

Ruben Valenzuela

Cheryl Ocampo

Ree Llagas

Michael Eliakim

Bennett Ndubisi

Marissa Perez

Sabrina Pina

Rica Cunningham

Michelle Chau

Marcus Te

Gishelle Formoso

Bryan Garcia Sanchez

Gabriel Victoriano

Farrah Balbuena

Isaiah Johnson

Ally Imperial

Danica Macalling

Ben Sarena

Sara Arreola

Kayla Ellorimo

Trinity Cabrera

CJ Dilport

Kodie Tran




wap fam


Lindsey & Nathan


Darlene & Scott


Victoria & Nico

Why do we have "families"?


One of the many things our club offers is what we call "families." Each family contains one ate (big sister) and one kuya (big brother), or ate and ate, or kuya and kuya. You will then be placed in one of the families, determined by a short ading questionnaire you will take, and together you make up one pamilya!

Families, or pamilies, are a great way to get to know other club members, gain friends, and learn more about what it truly means to be a family.


Family Reveal 2018

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