• It’s Filipino American History Month!

  • This month only began to get recognized by the US Congress beginning in 2009.

  • It was founded by the Filipino American National Historical Society in 1991, to be celebrated in 1992


  • Tagalog is the third most commonly spoken language in the US in languages other than English. It is only behind Spanish and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese).

  • There are at least 1.9 million Filipinxs living in the US. We account for 4% of this country’s 44 million immigrants (2016 data)​


  • Families are central to FSA. Of course, all members are encouraged to connect with everyone but with families you get to form a special bond with your Ates and Kuyas as well as your siblings!

  • Your Ates and Kuyas are your “bigs” and when you sign up to be in a family you are an “Ading” or a “little”.

  • If you’re interested in being in a family, I will be releasing an “Ading” form.