In order to keep our member dues low and the quality of our events high, it is important for FSA to have successful fundraisers. We’ve come a long way from only selling one item to having our very own Filipino Market.

Filipino food delivery:

Sign-up Sheet-Sunday, October 4th

Delivery Day-Friday, October 9th



We will still be selling Filipino food!!!

Though we are unable to sell food out on the Quad due to restrictions Covid-19 has caused, we have come up with the solution to start a Filipino food delivery system! 

Because this will be our very first time doing food deliveries, we will only be taking orders from the first 15 people who sign up. The sign-up sheet will be posted Sunday, October 4th and delivers will be made Friday, October 9th.

So, if you would like to order some good Filipino food, be sure you're one of the first 15 people to place an order!


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If you have any questions regarding the Filipino Market, feel free to contact our fundraising chairs, Carissa Jo or Catria Agulto, or by email,




The Filipino Student Association at Texas State University - San Marcos started out with zero funds until Founder Stephanie E. selected Anna Nguyen for Fundraiser Officer, 2014-2015. TXST FSA wanted to raise funds for leadership developments, philanthropy, events and The GoodPhil Games. The first fundraising event was held at the Quad with members selling pan/deep fried dumplings. Success came but with little profitability until the following year, Michael Nguyen, expanded fundraising into The Filipino Market. Michael's vision of expanding The Market included selling Dumplings, Chicken Adobo, Calamansi, Gulaman, and much more. Members put in a lot of time and dedication to make what this organization is today and without the solid teamwork, there would be no TXST FSA.

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