• The Philippines is named after King Philip of Spain. The original Spanish name for the country is “Las Islas Filipinas” or “The Islands of the Philippines”. It is why our country name, in English, is with a PH but as people, we are commonly known as Filipinxs with an F.

  • Our proper country name as it is at home is “Republika ng Pilipinas” or “Republic."


  • Tagalog is the third most commonly spoken language in the US in languages other than English. It is only behind Spanish and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese).

  • There are at least 1.9 million Filipinxs living in the US. We account for 4% of this country’s 44 million immigrants (2016 data)​


  • Families are central to FSA. Of course, all members are encouraged to connect with everyone but with families you get to form a special bond with your Ates and Kuyas as well as your siblings!

  • Your Ates and Kuyas are your “bigs” and when you sign up to be in a family you are an “Ading” or a “little”.

  • If you’re interested in being in a family, I will be releasing an “Ading” form.